Thursday, 25 June 2009

Postcards from There

This was the final outcome for my Self-Publishing extension studies unit. My self-initiated task was to create a series of six 'postcards' from a parallel universe/fantastical location ('There', basically), using a similar pencil rendering style to my previous Guardian G2 cover. I also originally intended to include a short passage/story on the reverse of each card, providing further context to the images, however due to my amazing time-management skills, this didn't happen (although I would like to still write them at some point). Each set of cards was packaged in an envelope, and a limited run of five copies was printed.


Three emblems (or shields) I designed for a self-initiated project on Greek Mythology. Hand-drawn using fineliner. From top: The Golden Fleece, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa

They Know All About You

I made this drawing for an editorial illustration project for the Guardian G2 magazine. We had to select one of three previously-published articles and design a cover for the magazine, as well as two images to accompany the text. Above is my cover design for an article entitled "They Know All About You", which was about how internet search engine enquiries are stored in a giant database, accessible to the public. The cube obviously represents the database, and the tentacle thingys are supposed to be fibre-optic cables (or something), linking every house in the city. I suppose I took the idea of 'invasion of privacy' rather literally. But I'm really pleased with the drawing.

Cover Me

For this project, the brief was to design three book covers (from a list of the most ridiculous book titles ever). One had to be hand-drawn, one had to be collaged and one had to make use of photography. Respectively, the book covers I selected to re-design were entitled: "Butterworth's Corporate Manslaughter Service", "The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America" and "Reusing Old Graves".

A Fistful of Tracks

This is probably my favourite project so far. The brief was to create a compilation CD of 15 tracks on a theme of our choosing, and then design and manufacture the packaging and poster/booklet to accompany it. As a fan of westerns and the music of Ennio Morricone, I decided to base my CD around themes from the American west. Having visited that area of America three times in the past, I already had a library of several thousand photos to work with. Editing the images and creating the sleeve/booklet was incredibly rewarding, so much so that I intend to focus on working with photography in future projects.


This was a collaboration between me and Lucy. Our brief was to produce a poster or short film with a strong anti-fur message, with the intention of submitting our outcome to the annual Design Against Fur competition from the Fur Free Alliance. After realising that the 'Vampire Blood' bought from the fancy-dress shop had a tendency to permanently stain skin, we used a concoction of poster paint, pva glue, ribena and coffee granules.....that looked nothing like blood. Anyway, we ended up producing these three furbedacious photographic posters. With obligatory awful puns.

For the Journey

A piece for some sort of Lloyds TSB advertising imagery competition (it was so long ago, I can barely remember the title/brief). What I DO remember is that I had this whole idea to do a poster based around the theme of 'Working Together', with images of human-towers (like Spanish Castellers), only to have my idea STOLEN by Halifax for their major marketing campaign a few weeks later (EDIT: so that I don't get sued, admittedly it was more like a strange coincidence). So I drew this image (charcoal and pastel) with the title 'Flexibility'. I think the polygon-thing was supposed to represent a solution that could morph to solve any problem or something. I didn't win.